About Us

We deal with limited cases because we do not want that our success ratio to suffer as we give appropriate time to our clients and work very dedicatedly with them until the complete SOLUTION.

We intend to complete the recovery of our clients as soon as possible. We provide scientific assistance to you in dealing with problems and also enable our clients to deal with all problems in the future without any professional support.

We understand your uniqueness in all aspects like personality, behavior, attitude, interests, dislikes, abilities, socio-economic conditions, religion, age, sex, childhood history, education, occupation, physical health, interpersonal relationship’s, life goals, philosophy, subconscious motives, present life situations and distresses. We also assist to enhance your life from very good to best.

Our Team

Pranjal Sharma

Psychologist (4+ Years Experience)

He has completed his bachelor's and master's degrees in psychology and worked with reputed organizations.

Maria Zaki

Psychologist & Experienced in Neuro-Psychology

She is a qualified therapist/ psychologist providing counseling and therapy for all kinds of disorders like anxiety, depression, addiction, stress, abuse, domestic violence, trauma, specific learning disorders, and personality disorders. She also does couple and family therapy and deals with problems faced by parents with their children. She also diagnoses and treats sexual dysfunctions, eating and sleep disorders.

Dr. Bhagwan Patel

Rehabilitation Psychologist & M.D.(A.M) PGDCFT

Pawan Gole Bhadoriya

Experienced Psychologist & Pursuing PHD