Adult Counselling

Motivation is good but excess expectations may create anxiety. Some level of satisfaction is also necessary. Nowadays depression and anxiety are increasing in adults following are the symptoms you can check about yourself.

Depression:- a persistent feeling of sadness, anxiety, apathy, guilt, hopelessness, loss of interest, social isolation, issues related to sleep, eating, weight gain or loss, low self-esteem, and negative perception about the world.

Anxiety:- hypervigilance, irritability, agitation, restlessness, lack of concentration, excessive thoughts, fear, insomnia, feeling of impending disaster.

In a study, it is found that people between the age range of 18 to 33 are more stressed. As the stress increases, the performance also increases simultaneously but sometimes stress continues but performance breakdowns due to fatigue or other reasons. This breakdown of performance results in boosting the stress and then this increased stress contributes to declining the performance and thus the cycle goes on. An adult may have lots of memory related to emotional conflicts, repressed desires due to compromises and traumatic events. We understand your situation and work very deeply with you on your problems. Stressors are part of life but if we manage them with the help of scientific research and evidence-based solutions then it will be easy for us to counter challenges.

Adolescence Counselling

Anxiety is more common than depression in adolescence. We work on childhood experiences, parent-child relationship (PCR), personality type, peer group relations, interest, hobbies, and career aspects. We provide a very frank environment to develop a report to proceed with a discussion. Our experts are also well aware of things that are prevailing in youth that make teenagers quite comfortable. We train them to develop social skills, manage relationships, coping with mood swings and impulsive actions, managing importance for all sectors of life, discover their personality and its uniqueness regarding career, improve memory and focus, goal setting, and just relax also 😛.

This age can prove very advantageous or hazardous to any individual. As it is a bridge between childhood and adulthood. 

So it has a wide range of crucial changes that covers all aspects of life including biological and hormonal changes that affect mental health which is generally unknown. That's why it is very important to direct energy in the right direction and to develop an assertive personality that will help him or her to deal with stressors in their whole life.

Child Counselling

Positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement, positive punishment, and negative punishment are the tools by which modification of the behavior of the child can be done but it has to be used wisely according to the situation or otherwise it may have an adverse effect. We also train you to understand your child’s emotions, behavior, child’s perceptions, learning, and cognitive abilities. Because sometimes parents unknowingly motivate maladaptive behavior of the child, for example, giving attention to destructive behavior is also a kind of reinforcement.

We also educate you about behavioral learning principles like classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and social learning.

Children may have disorders due to genetics, prenatal, postnatal, or maybe developed by environment provided to them after birth or by all contributing factors, for example in ADHD ( Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) genetics can play an important role, In learning disorder genetics can be the main factor or it can alone be caused by environmental factors, and Only environmental factors can cause the behavioral problem in the child but what we can do is to give our best as we can.

Most of the Life of a child is affected by parents and somewhat by teachers and school also. Following are wrong parenting styles so you can cross-check about yourself.

Overprotective parenting - Inferiority, frustration, and increased dependency are the risk factors for the child.

Rejection parenting - Inferiority, the feeling of insecurity, and fear are risk factors for the child.

Strict parenting - Low self-esteem, may become hostile or aggressive child may cheat to their parents because of fear of punishment.

Parents showing favor - The child may get hostile and jealous of another child. They may revolt against their parents.

Uninvolved parenting - Low self-esteem, tends to perform poorly in school, child's physical and emotional needs may get ignored, the child may get involved in wrong practices.

Some family compositions also matter

Father absent family - Some mothers may not become strict and do not restrict the maladaptive behavior of the child so it can result in impulsive actions and lack of self-control.

Mother absent family - May develop a fear of alone, the child may become distant, angry and sad, mistrust or complete dependency in relationships and many other problems.

The authoritative parenting style is the best because -

  • Positive discipline strategies to reinforce good behavior like praise and reward system.
  • Parents invest time and energy into preventing behavior problems before it starts.
  • Parents explain the reason behind the rules.
  • Parents enforce rules and give consequences but also take child feelings into consideration.
  • Parents put a lot of effort into creating and maintaining a positive relationship with the child.
  • Parents listen to the child and give the opportunity to speak.

Career Counselling

We assist you to investigate your personality traits, aptitude, abilities, interest, and your life situation and its relation to the carrier field, for example, if someone is introverted and thinking type so most probably he or she may not suits for event management or child care but may suit for military or computer science (this kind of prediction on personality traits is not like universal law but works on probability basis). We can find personality traits by using 16 PF and Neo personality inventory.

We also help you to improve your memory…

focus, goal setting, managing relations, and career, achieving discipline, enhancing performance under stress, pursued motivation, and relax also 😛.

Relationship Counselling

Here also personality traits play a main role like if both individuals in a relationship are having extroverted and feeling type of personality traits so they may face problems related to impulsivity and lack of practical approach but they can have a beautiful relationship. Again we are mentioning that prediction based on personality traits are not like universal law it works on a probability basis apart from this communication style, interests, habits, mind games, expectations, needs, individual privacy and freedom, past issues, future concerns, and other factors are also important.

We are offering you a place where you can understand yourself and your partner. 

And you can communicate past issues, explain your situations, needs, and expectations to your partner with help of us.

We not only resolve your issues but also teach you the technicalities of maintaining a beautiful relationship.

Group & Family Counselling

Joining a group of strangers may sound odd at first but group counseling provides the benefit that individual counseling may not. In fact, group members are almost always surprised by how rewarding the group experience can be. It is very effective with social anxiety, assertive training, obesity, and depression. Group counseling is very effective in managing aggression in interpersonal relations.

Share all family problems and secrets with the third person and then take advice from him/her is not easy. But intense emotions are involved in interpersonal relations within the family.

So the view of the third person will be more rational and the observation of an expert can prove very valuable. We work on improving communication style, resolving conflicts of expectations, and needs, helps to understand emotions, resolve past issues, and also to maintain a strong bond.